Voto Cidadão Landing Page

Voto Cidadão will be an app that will promote direct democracy in Brazil, The owner of this idea want to launch the project during the last municipal elections as one of his governmental plans as a councilman.


Casato is a fancy bistro and they want to be online. I created this website to show how comfortable they are. This site also does table reservations and show up their menu and news about events and art expositions.

Growee Website

Growee was a startup created to promote education to people all over the Brazil cities. They want to offer free courses about almost everything and sell extended plans to companies and schools.

Jornal Extra de Pernambuco News Portal

Jornal Extra de Pernambuco is the most updated journal of Caruaru and they have a very good online experience with website and social media interactions but not a good website.

Asces-UNITA University Website

ASCES - UNITA is a 58 years university and they need a website that can show a lot of contents without being difficult to find the information you need.